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Design & Layout

Let the Local Copies Etc. design team handle your layout and design services. Real, live, local humans create your unique look!

Digital Print & Copy

Copies — our middle name! We offer top quality, cost friendly digital print & copy services to companies and individual customers. 

Business Cards

Local Copies Etc. will make your business card exactly how you want. We have unlimited design & paper options to meet your business needs.

Signs & Posters

Our designers can create posters, outdoor banners, trade show displays and specialty signs for retail stores with Santa Maria Style service!

Partners and Community Involvement

Local Copies Etc. is committed to making a positive difference where we live and work. We feel a responsibility to contribute our time, energy, and financial contributions to continually serve the community and clients that help make us successful.

Every community has countless professionals and volunteers striving to support organizations that serve our community and it is important to the Local Copies Etc. family to assist with this effort all year long.

We are excited to be part of the Santa Maria Valley and all the great amenities it has to offer. As an active member of the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce and other community organizations, we are more than just a business that works locally. We are a local business that partners with our community.

We are Local Copies Etc…

Some of the organizations with whom we have partnered over the years include:

Downloadable Templates & Resources

We have provided some downloadable templates for your convenience. Feel free to browse through our template files. We also have a HINTS & TIPS section which contains many helpful documents pertaining to the paper and copy industry. Feel free to use these resources to make more informed decisions about your paper needs.

**NOTE: Some files will require specific programs in order to be opened (these files have been tagged with the appropriate icons)

 Adobe Illustrator FileAdobe Illustrator    
Business Cards
Adobe Illustrator FileFull Bleed Template
Adobe Illustrator FileNon Bleed Template

Tri-Fold Info Sheet (PDF)

Adobe Illustrator File11″ x 8.5″ Tri-Fold inside bleed

Adobe Illustrator File11″ x 8.5″ Tri-Fold outside bleed
Adobe Illustrator FileEnvelope 10″
Adobe Illustrator FileEnvelope 6.75″
Adobe Illustrator FileEnvelope 9″
Adobe Illustrator FileEnvelope A2
Adobe Illustrator FileEnvelope A6
Adobe Illustrator FileEnvelope A7
Adobe InDesignAdobe InDesign File
Business Cards
Adobe InDesign File1 up Business Card – Full Bleed
Adobe InDesign File1 up Business Card – Non Bleed

Adobe InDesign File11″ x 8.5″ Tri-Fold full bleed
Adobe InDesign File11″ x 8.5″ Tri-Fold no bleeds
Adobe InDesign FileEnvelope 10″
Adobe InDesign FileEnvelope 6.75″
Adobe InDesign FileEnvelope 9″
Adobe InDesign FileEnvelope A2
Adobe InDesign FileEnvelope A6
Adobe InDesign FileEnvelope A7
Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Photoshop File
Business Cards
Adobe Photoshop FileBusiness Card Template – Full Bleed

Is there something you’d like us to create a template for? Contact us and let us know!