About Us

Local Copies Etc. was recently named in the Pacific Coast Business Times as one of the “Top 15 Commercial Printers” in the tri-counties for the second time. Local Copies Etc. continues to grow even through our country’s changing economic atmosphere. As noted in the September 4, 2009, article, we have climbed to number 12 from our previous position at number 15. We believe this achievement is a direct result of our continuing efforts to maintain our focus on the core values we started with. Our company was formed to fill the void of quality customer service and speed in the copy center industry.

Curtiss Stahl, President, and Steve Bridge, CFO, are partners in the business which opened its first location in Santa Maria, California in November of 1999. They called upon the experience of Sandy Stewart and James Jepsen to help make this happen. They recently expanded into a larger facility to better serve the printing needs of the customers and community. With years of concept development and business experience, they are now offering the opportunity for others to use their business model in Local Copies Etc. franchises.

The management team of Sandy Stewart and James Jepsen has been with us since the start. They continue working to provide the highest quality and widest variety of design, print, finishing and business services possible. Between them, they offer the expertise of a combined 35 years experience in the industry. Their experience and joy in what they do combine to give you Quality…Quickly!

Background and Concept

For many years people in the Santa Maria Valley have come to rely on what is known as “Santa Maria Style” service. Small “mom and pop” companies are the foundation of this concept.  “Big box” corporations are unable, by their very nature, to provide the kind of quality and personal service that customers would like to receive. This is where we come in.

The copying industry has changed dramatically over the last decade. There is an increasing emphasis on computers and technology that challenges us to stay on the leading edge. It is our job to take impersonal technology and give it the personal touch that is often lost in the technical details.


We offer services to take your printing projects through each step from design concept to finished product. It is our aim to provide you with the best quality and service at the lowest price possible. Quality, Service, Speed and Competitive prices all add up to value for our customers!

Offering personal service throughout the project, we work with you to find the best combination of quality product, production time, and price point to meet your needs. If speed is the most urgent need, we work to make it happen on your schedule. If top quality product is the most important of your needs, we will show you how to make your finished product look its best. If cost control is the top item on your agenda, we will show you how to get a great result in your price range.