Digital Print and Copy

We’ve made the investment so you don’t have to!

Why settle for mere copies when every print can be an original? With today’s state of the art equipment, Local Copies Etc. can take your digital file and produce pristine originals. Because each copy is original, you can be assured that each one will look crisp and clear, whether we make one, a thousand, or ten thousand.

Speed is king. Our Canon production black and white machines are capable of producing 115,200 originals (remember, every print is original!) in an eight-hour shift. Our Canon production color machines can produce a combined 67,200 originals in the same time frame. What this means for you is speed and quality you can rely on.

Clear, Accurate Color

In today’s world, there’s no question that color stands out. At Local Copies Etc. we work hard to ensure that every machine is calibrated for consistent, accurate color.

We’re Adobe Authorized Print Service Providers and Microsoft Authorized Publisher Print Providers.

Are you on the cutting edge?

We can print your digital files quickly and conveniently. We can handle PDF files (preferred) as well as most graphic, Office, and CAD formats. Ask one of our graphic specialists for details.